Which Is The Best Beyblade Series? Metal Saga Vs Beyblade Trilogy!

So Which is the beyblade best series, keeping in mind everything . I have kept forward my points on best beyblade seriesbest beyblade character. Done Beyblade Metal Saga Vs Beyblade Trilogy , Best Beyblade toys.

 Since the metal saga is over I can finally talk about this series. I already know you have seen review, but it’s going to be different than that and of course this won’t be the same it’s going to be completely different from different blogs.
So it’s time to end this whole argument between which beyblade series is the best the original trilogy or the metal saga.
 I won’t be talking about burst because obviously I’m only going to talk about the two that came before burst and that just came out. I’ll also talked about beyblade rising because that’s also a part of the original and also talk about shogun steel since that’s also a part of the metal saga. So I won’t give every point to the original because I want to at least give points to the new one and plus it won’t be fair so like with the remake of Dragoon vs Pegasus and G-revolutions vs Gan Gan Galaxy or HMS vs MFB I’m going to give some points so I’m not going to give every point to the original like I said so .

let’s begin! Let’s start off with the theme song to the show. Now a lot of you know that the original beyblade theme song was punk rock and it was nostalgic, memorable, upbeat and exciting, but with the new theme song it was just bland and it was just a translated version of the japanese song which is just terrible! I mean the theme song was still rock bu tit was a different kind of rock and it wasn’t as exciting as let’s beyblade and it didn’t have the same feel to it. What made the original theme song good and memorable were it’s lyrics, its beat and was different from the original Japanese themes but with the metal saga one… yeah I was catchy and all but they kept changing their lyrics every season which was really dumb.
Did they change the lyrics when v-force ,g-revolution came?! No! They just kept it Beyblade simple….and when shogun steel came along they started doing rap music which was just terrible! Now for the songs for beyblade the songs played during the battles were really good, exciting and epic and made you want to dance to the music, but with the new beyblade there were no songs during the battles which made it boring to watch and made the battle seemed longer.
 I will admit I like the OST music during the battle with nemesis so I’ll give points for that, but the only time they made songs for the new one we’re the commercials for the toys and once again they were rap music which like I said before is just TERRIBLE and doesn’t make it exciting winner… Let’s Beyblade and the original Beyblade songs…

 Now i’m going to talk about the dub for this one because that’s what I grew up with and I’m familiar with the dub for anime and for beyblade. Let’s talk about the originals dub, the original dub was really good and whenever they said their lines…they weren’t bland like some voice actors in cartoons and other animes, but with the new one some of the voice actors and actresses sounded bland.
I mean the voices for Kyoya, Hikaru, Hyoma and Tsubasa and a little bit of Gingka did a decent job because they voiced characters from the original like Kyoya is the same voice as Lee and Kane, Hikaru is the same voice for Matilda and Ashley from the fierce battle beyblade movie, Hyoma is the same voice as Michael, Kevin, Andrew and Romero, Tsubasa is the voice of Kai and Gingka is the voice of Cenotaph and Brooklyn…but they’re out of practice and they sound so weird and ridiculous and the new voice actors and actresses are just so bad and bland compared to the voices from the original.
 I mean there were some voices from the original that weren’t that great like the extras, but the main characters and secondary characters sounded better than the newones.

     About both Beyblade Battles

    beyblade battle

     But at least the dubbing in the new Beyblade was better than B-daman fire spirits…but yeah it still sucks, Now this one is tough because both series had good battles but both had battles that weren’t that great. The Original bey-battles were more exciting, more thrilling and epic from Tyson vs Kai, to the battle with Tala, to the Team Psykicks battle and the BEGA bladers battle.
     Now with the metal saga there were some great battles like the battle bladers arc, to the battle with Ryuga and the battle with Nemesis and others, but the battles in the new weren’t that exciting as compared to the battles from the original.
     I mean don’t get me wrong the battles in the new one we’re still good and all..but some of them weren’t that epic and they were missing the beyblade music from the original which would of made it better. What made the original battles more exciting and fun to watch was the music and the relationship between the blader and the bit-beast or the beyblade.
     I mean in the new one there were some exciting battles especially in Metal Fury or Metal Fight 4D, but most of the battles were just rip offs and copycats of the original battles, especially from metal fusion and metal masters.
     I hate when some animes copy battles from other animes because it feels like you’re watching the same thing and you’re saying to yourself “I’ve already seen this give me something different and new not something I’ve seen before the new before” The new battles may be cool and all but nothing can top the original bey-battles…so again the winner for this one.

    Beyblade Toys

    The toys for the Original beyblade were made out of plastic, but in the anime they were made out of metal alloy, which a lot of people didn’t know about even till this day not that many people know that in the anime the beyblades were made out of metal alloy in Season 1 to G-Revolution until they got HMS.. Then when G-Revolution came around they change it to metal beyblades and they were called the heavy or hard metal systems or for short HMS.
    Then when Metal Fusion came out and Zero G, they were metal beyblades once again; Again this is tough because it’s like comparing apples to oranges; The HMS blades were pretty cool and as stated in the show they’re the hardest beyblades to control and they were stronger than the plastics which are the toys not… the ones in the anime…well some of them and you’ve seen what the HMS are capable of they’re strong as shit! but with the new ones.. yeah they were strong but most of them were just weak and weren’t that great not to mention they kept reusing the same names for the beyblades which was really stupid.
    With the originals they never reuse the same name like storm, rock, dark, earth and flame etc. but getting back to the toys ,both of the toys were great but I think the plastics and hms did better for me not just because I grew up with them, but because they show more action when in battle unlike the new toys and when in battle they just hit each other and just stay in the middle until one runs out of spin.
    Some of you say the mfb beyblades can beat the plastics but it’s only the toys that are made out of plastic, but if you’re talking about the show.. like I said the beyblades in the original were made out of metal alloy not plastic then they changed it to metal and then to the burst beyblades when beyblade rising came out. I will give points for the mfb’s because i like them but to me the plastics and hms are stronger better and can do more damage than the MFBs.


     Both animations for beyblade were really good but there were times where that animation looked bad. The first season’s animation wasn’t that great and sometimes it looked like it wasn’t even finished like they just rushed the animation but you can’t really blame the animation from season 1 because other animes at the time had the same animation DBZ, Sailor Moon, the first season of Yugioh, Hunter Hunter, Gundam and digimon season one and two and others…but when V-Force, G-Revolution and the Fierce battle movie came out the animation got better and was a huge step up from the first season..and of course the new beyblade’s animation was a huge step up from the original series especially from season 1 because the quality was different and it looks slightly better, but it still wasn’t as good as V-Force and G-Revolutions animation.
     Like with season one, metal fusion and metal masters animation wasn’t that great but when Metal Fury or MFB 4D and Sol Blaze the movie and Zero G came out the animation got better even with burst. This one’s a little tough….but i think i have to go with the Metal Saga.
    I mean don’t get me wrong I love the animation and quality in the original.. but at times it was kind of sloppy especially from season one and it looked like it was a moving manga on-screen, I love V-Force and G-revolutions animation but i think the animation in the Metal Saga is a little better for me…

     About Beyblade Characters

    beyblade characters

    Both series had great characters from the Blade breakers or the G-Revolutions to Gingka’s crew. The original characters were memorable, interesting and more lovable than the new ones the new characters seem like poor man’s versions of the original characters like Gingka and Pegasus are just poor man’s versions of Tyson or Takao and Dragoon and Kyoya and Ryuga for me were poorman’s version of Kai and don’t get me started with the tribute characters fromzero g, they’re just so annoying their voice acting is bad!
     Most of the characters from the metal saga were just annoying like Benkei, Madoka, Yu, Kenta..but he got better in Metal Fury but he was still annoying…Tetsuya, Tithi, Masamune, Motti… and of course Gingka… I mean there were some annoying characters from the original like Daichi a little bit… Hilary but only in V-Force but she improved in G-Revolution and the movie. Ming Ming, Mariah because she was too obsessed with Ray and some of the extras etc. but at least they weren’t as annoying as the new characters.
     The characters from the original taught us that it doesn’tmatter if you win or lose it’s how you play the game and the original beyblade had a lot of morals and lessons like other shows did at the time, but with the new one I don’t even think there are any morals and they never taught us anything. All they kept saying was the beybladingspirit that’s it and it got really tired right away…for the team’s…i don’t remember any of the teams from the new one maybe just two or three or maybe even four, but that’s about it and to me they weren’t that memorable andin metal masters they’re just wannabe versions from teams in Season one and G-Revolution.
    With the original I knew all of the teams names and members from the White Tigers, All Starz, Blitzkrieg Boyz or the Demolition Boys, F-dynasty, Saint Shields, Majestics, Dark Bladers, Team Psykicks and Team Zargart and the BEGA bladers. Nowto talk about who’s the better and best main character of the show. Let’s start off with Tyson or Takao; Tysonwas known as the cocky, big appetite, big mouthed, 7-11, dedicated, champion and legendary blader.
    Whenever he lost in a battle, he would be a good sport about itand would learn from his mistakes and he would keep practicing and would eventually get it right in the end there’s a lot of things i like about Tyson but it would take too long to name all of them so let’s move on to Gingka.
     Now Gingka he’s just an annoying person, a rookie, a wannabe legendary blader, complaines about losing in a battle, only eats two things, a daddy’s boy, talks about his beyblading spirit way too much and his voice is really annoying……It’s like he’s squawking every time he talks. I just can’t stand him and when I first saw this guy i knew right away he wasn’t going to be good and interesting as Tyson.
     I mean his voice was okay in the first few episodes of metal fusion because it reminded me of Brooklyn because they’re same voice and a little bit Tyson, but after that it got really annoying and just made me want to break the TV.
     Gingka just didn’t have that same feel as Tyson and he wasn’t very lovable just someone I wanted a punch in the face. He was trying to be like Tyson and his personality was like Tai and Takuya from digimon..so for me the better and best main character in beyblade has to go to Tyson or Takao because he wasn’t annoying, he doesn’t talk about the same shit doesn’t keep talking about the beyblading spirit and he doesn’t complain about losing in a battle.
     Tyson may be weird  and a big mouth at times, but he was still caring a good sport and lovable, Tyson Granger or Takao Kinomiya is stronger and powerful than Gingka Hagane.
     Yeah Gingka maybe have a better beyblading spirit than him…but he doesn’t stand a chance against Tyson plus a legendary dragon can be Herculespet horse…like seriously who would really look up and like a character that does this… Point goes to Tyson…so winner Tyson or Takao and the original characters So the original wins.I have with the original video i did. This whole argument has started seven years ago and we’re still talking about today even with the current generation of Beyblade.
     Ever since i did my beyblade blog i wanted to talk about and defend my childhood and something I just loved since I was a kid and when this new one came into the picture I was kind of disappointed because I didn’t recognize any of the characters except for DJ and that’s about it.

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