Top 13 Pro Seo Tips For Bloggers

Hey newbie, 
If you really need pro seo tips to become a professional blogger then just stick to the paragraph. Here I am going to give pro seo tips for new bloggers. If you are a professional blogger then you might know some of my tips but for new bloggers it will help them a lot. You will be able to rank higher on google.
You can get food blogging tips, fashion blog tips. I have also mentioned some blogging mistakes that should be avoided

 I am really aware of all the mistakes I have done and I will not allow the readers who have started a blog to do that mistakes.

Also who all are thinking to start a personal blog then go through all the seo tips I have provided. Also I have given some seo tips for bloggers that will help intermediate bloggers to do page seo and rank on google, bing and other search engines.

In this blog, I am going to cover many things like writing tips for blogger, tips for new bloggers, seo tips. Students can gain info from here and start a blog.

Believe me If you are going to follow 10 tips out of 11 then you will be successful blogger. But you must have to follow 13 out of 13 that will give you successful blogging career. You will not be able to understand how your earnings will increase.

So now I am going to think that I have started blogging and Problems that strikes me and I will be giving the tips to solve it. 
And don’t think that it’s very easy, you must be knowing only first 3-4 tips.
So First of all when every newbie thinks of blogging, he starts to watch videos on youtube of how to make free blog, how to earn from blog… , somehow he knew of Blogger Platform with free web hosting and blogspot domain which is provided by Google. 
Then He jumps on to Blogger and make any blog with any niche that comes in his mind.

    Tip 1: Starting On Blogger Or Not?

    blogger or not

    Ok I Understand that You are new so you cannot afford costly hosting and start blogging on paid platform like WordPress, Joomla etc. This is your correct decision. If you are able to afford hosting then go with wordpress but majority do not want to invest in beginning .
     Ok , That’s Correct.

    Tip 2: Niche Selection

    But the very first mistake made by you selecting any niche that means topic of blog and also the domain name. You have to select the topic in which you are interested. 
    If you will choose topics which are out of your interest then you will not be able to write posts on it. Make sure your domain is related to your topic. 

    Tip 3: Domain Selection

    Ok, now you will get free .blogspot domain. If you can afford .in, .com, or other high authority domain then you can take it. Don’t worry guys no problem if you can’t afford it.

    If you want to take a domain then take it from Godaddy under $2-$4. That much is enough for beginner. When you will start getting revenue from your blog then you can shift to high authority domain and hosting.
    So now you are all setup. Now just you have to be consistent in your work. Don’t start thinking that with one or two blog post you will generate revenue.

    Tip 4: To Be Consistent

    Just don’t underestimate the power of hard work. The more regular you are,the more profit you will get. You should learn and learn and present the best of your learnings to your blog readers. 
    In this way you will be able to generate high quality content and a great content which is liked to be read by the audience. Consistency never fails.

    Most of the people who thinks to start a blog aren’t consistent in their work and that bores them and they quit that blog. This is because the topic you would have selected might not be interesting for you. So, you get bored. 
    That’s why firstly I told you to select topic in which you are interested. If you have selected the topic in which you aren’t interested then I will strictly recommend to quit that blog and make a new.
    I am guaranteed that you might not have made some formal pages.

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    Tip 5: Make Formal Pages

    Yes there are some formal pages that are important for you as you would not be able to get adsense approval without those pages. There are many unique pages like

    •  Disclaimer
    •  Privacy And Policy
    •  Contact Me
    •  Guest post
    •  Sitemap
    • About. 
    official pages

    You do not have to make all of them, you can only make some common pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Me. It is must to make these pages.

    There are many sites from where you can generate these pages. You can just generate pages and copy it to your blog page. But don’t forget to remove the text which is used as a advertisement for page generator site.
    Now if you are using blogger then the your theme must be weird and it would also take much time to get load. So I have provided light weight fast blogger theme for free in the next tip.

    Tip 6: Improve Website Speed

    Website speed

    Yes, After you have followed every tip then you might be waiting to get your page rank on google. But for this, google says that one factor is your site should load fast and steady. Means that your website speed should be high. You can check your website speed at google speed checker.There are wordpress plugins like:

    •  yoast
    • nitro jetpack
    •  wp rocket
    •  and premium themes like generatepress.
    But in blogger there are no plugins available. So you have to use coding but you might not know it. You have to optimise your blog post by various methods.
    • Enable Gzip compression : By using this compression, the coding of your post will be compressed and the size of page will be optimised so it will load fast.
    • Light Weight Fast Theme: Yes, you might have noticed unwanted things on your article or there might be two same widgets on one page. Just remove them. You can also use a Templateify theme which I have provided below.This them is light weight and load faster.
    • Optimise Photos: If you are posting a genuine post then that it must be having some photos. The major mistakes made by bloggers is that they use original photo with .jpg or .png.
    The size of this all original images is huge. Yes, huge as compared to your page size. And if you are having a photography blog then one picture is only above 20 mb.
    So How to Optimise Images? I will share a method which is provided by Google Page Speed Checker. It says that you have to convert your images into next generation format that is .jpg,.jpeg 2000, .jpeg XR.
    I will recommend to use webp format as it gives best quality for less size as compared to other format. 

    Tip 7: Start Keyword Research

    You must have selected any topic of your interest at first but you have to start doing keyword research now for becoming a professional blogger. I will give some pro tips which will help you to understand keyword research.
    Keyword Research means searching keywords which are searched on google or search engines related to your main topic. Now you have to search for topic that is searched frequently and it has high keyword volume. The most important thing is that you must get high CPC (cost per click). This will ensure that you will get high revenue from that keyword post.
    If you want to rank your page on google fast then you have to select keyword with zero difficulty. There are many keywords with zero difficulty and Your blog post will surely rank for it. These keywords are called micro niche topic.
    Now you might be wondering that where should we do keyword research, then I tell you that there are many platforms available. But you will find only paid platforms. There are platforms like:

    • Semrush
    • Ubersuggest
    • Ahref

    Popular blogs are written by bloggers with the help of these platforms.

    But there is a trick to do it If you are working on a blog post then sign up to Semrush and Ubersuggest with one ID. You will get 10 free keyword searching on both the platform.
    There is also a free platform available by Ahref which tells you Keyword Volume and its difficulty.So you can use these tips to do keyword research.

    Tip 8: Don’t Use Third Party Ad-Networks

    After you have followed every step then you must be thinking to give your site for adsense approval and that’s the correct decision but Do you know what goes wrong here, manier times you do no get adsense approval and you tend to search third party platform.
    You should not use third party platform as If you would use them, you won’t be able to generate income that adsense will pay you for it.

    You can use this networks only if you are working on event blogging. You can see an example of event blogging here. It means that you can get wishing script of upcoming festivals and put your adsense code or third part ad network codes and share it wherever you can. If it goes viral then you are gonna make tons of money.

    Tip 9: Focus On Adsense

    Now back to main topic “Adsense Approval“. There are many reasons why you won’t be getting approval from google. But If you are able to drive traffic to your website then you will definitely get Adsense Approval.
    Believe me, Adsense is the best ad network. You will definitely get Adsense Approval If you have followed all the tips before. You just have to drive traffic to your site now.
    So Now, How to drive traffic to your blog post ?

    Tip 10: Use Social Media To Drive Traffic

    Drive Traffic from Social Media

    In beginning your blog post might not get rank on google, so will not have much traffic, So you can use many Social Media platforms like Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Facebook Page, Whatsapp group, LinkedIn, There are so many platforms available where you can share your link.

    This will help you a lot to drive initial traffic. I am having a pro tip to drive traffic to your blog. I can’t share that tip in public. If you need it then kindly mail me.

    Tip 11: Build An Email List

    You should allow the visitors of your blog to follow you with E-mail. If they will follow you then a direct mail will be sent to their email addresses whenever you publish a blog post. This will bring traffic again an again on your blogs.
    Now If you build an email list then, new audience will get satisfaction and they will start to follow you. It will increase your blog authority and your blog posts will start ranking on google very fast.

    Tip 12: Building Backlink

    Building backlink from a high authority blog is not an easy job. You should make backlink that will give traffic to your blog.
    You first search your keyword on google and make comment backlink on first 100 sites or less. I am guaranteed that you will get traffic from there and your blog authority will boost.
    Then after you can search for bloggers on social media and ask them to exchange backlink. This will surely help you.

    Tip 13: Final Tip

    Now as you have completed your blog. You have to increase your Blog Authority So that it will generate high revenue for you. Remember tip 2 , To be Consistent.
    Try to Follow all tips, Use google analytics to analyze your traffic, you can use content marketing platforms as it might be difficult for one to do everything, you can assign different jobs to different people. So now you are a professional blogger.
    If you got some help then do not hesitate to share it with your friends who are interested in blogging.
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    There are many Questions that have same answers so I have given only one answer to those all.
    1] How to start a blog for free?
    How to start a blog in India?
    How do you start a blog?
    Answer: I have given everything on how to start a blog for free and make money above.
    2] Where to start a blog?
    Best place to start a blog?
    Best website to start a blog ?
    Best platforms to start a blog?
    Answer: Clearly mentioned in Tip 1 where to start a blog and why to start there.
    3] Why to start a blog?
    Why should you start a blog for profit?
    Answer: It is clearly seen that blogging is growing in every country. New generations are involved in it and it also very profitable profession.
    4] Start a blog with wordpress or not?
    Start a blog on Instagram?
    Answer: I have written it in the first tip about this topic but, main point is that if you are a newbie and do not have much idea of blogging then just follow this tips and start on blogger, when you get some idea of it then shift to wordpress. You can use Instagram to get traffic.
    5] Start a blog for business?
    Start a blog of Youtube ?
    Start a fashion Blog?
    Start A food blog?
    Answer: Whichever topic you are selecting, You should have interest in it and you will be successful in blogging If you follow this simple but actionable tips.

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