Kiteretsu Movie Free Download (Starting Of The Cartoon)

Kiteretsu Movie Free Download (Starting Of The Cartoon)

About Kiteretsu Daihyakka Movie

Kiteretsu Movie
  • This Kiteretsu Movie was launched in Japan on 27 March in 1988 .And It gone end on 9 June 1996.
  • This Anime is of total 331 episodes.This is the kiteretsu movie which was launched first.
  • This series aired worldwide on different networks like Hungama,Disney,Pogo,Disney XD and Cartoon Network.
  • This Anime got dubbed in many languages but many episodes are not dubbed.
  • The main starting movie didn’t got dubbed which was demanded by many.

Is there any movie of Kiteretsu?

Yes there is a Kiteretsu Movie.  This Kiteretsu Movie was launched in Japan on 27 March in 1988 .And It gone end on 9 June 1996. You will get it here.

Which country Made Kiteretsu?

Spain made kiteretsu movie and episodes.

Kiteretsu Movie Cast (in credits order)

  • Toshiko Fujita Toshiko Fujita … Kiteretsu (voice)
  • Mami Koyama Mami Koyama … Korosuke (voice)
  • Yuriko Yamamoto Yuriko Yamamoto … Miyoko (voice)
  • Hideyuki Tanaka Hideyuki Tanaka … Kiteretsu’s Dad (voice)
  • Yukiko Nashiwa Yukiko Nashiwa … Kiteretsu’s Mom (voice)
  • Hiroshi Ôtake Hiroshi Ôtake … Buta Gorilla (voice)
  • Ryû Manatsu Ryû Manatsu … Tongari (voice) (as Ryugo Manatsu)

All Episodes list

  • Starts with a movie.(includes below topics)
  1. Great discovery! Kiteretsu Encyclopedia
  2. It’s so good!
  3. Defeat it with care.
  4. Kiteretsu Airlines for the sky
  5. One-way time machine
  6. Kikko Ship’s Great Adventure

I will be sharing other episodes in the next blog as this blog is only to
download the Starting Movie.

About The Movie

  • This movie is not dubbed in english or hindi dubbed.
  • But you will get English subtitles which will be very easy for you to understand.
  • Sorry but this movie is not still dubbed.
  • But If you are a true Kiteretsu lover like me then you will definitely watch it.Believe me guys, it will be really interesting.


  • Hello guys, please read this carefully.
  • Open the movie on any player.
  • Now go to setting of that player and click subtitles.
  • Keep English as your subtitle and enjoy with popcorn.


  • Click on the download button below.
  • Then you will be redirected to Shrink Earn and on that page Click (Click here to continue).
  • Then fill the recaptcha box and it will start getting download.

Advantage of downloading here

  • Full Guide
  • Free Download
  • Limited Ads
  • Super Fast Speed
  • Amazing Content

Download This Movie Below

  • Hi guys, there is download link below.
  • The size of the movie is about 700 mb and its of good quality.
  • Hope that you would like it.

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