Independence Day Wishing Pro Script Free Download [2020]

Independence Day Wishing Pro Script Free Download [2020]

Hi Guys, do you want to download viral pro whatsapp script for The Independence Day 2020, then you are at the right place.
Just be patient and you will find the download link of Independence day wishing script.The script is totally free to download.The script is not for sale.You can also modify it if you want.

Script Overview

  • First of all, pro script is not gonna costly at all.
  • This script also contain youtube video embedded which functions automatically.
  • There are almost 10 slides which automatically gets changed in 1s.
  • This script too lengthy and it’s going to give you good revenue.
  • At the end, there’s also a share button which makes easy for the audience to make it viral.

  • This is the starting of the script and it is responsive.
  • You will also have your 3D name rotating around Indian flag.
  • Also, the animated text looks cool.
  • And the audio played emerge national sentiments in our hearts.

  • This is the middle part.
  • This also brings attention towards Freedom of religion and makes everyone feel that every person is a human , no matter which religion he or she belong to.
  • As you can see in the img ,all humans are equal.
  • Last but not the least,I would conclude that If this going to be viral, then it will spread good feelings.

  • And this is the end. (independencedaywishingscript)


  • This viral wishing script is totally free and it’s the script 15 august 2020.
  • You can use this on Happy Independence day by just sharing this script.
  • It’s the script for blogger and any hosting website.
  • You have to download Independence day whatsapp wishing script and copy paste on your blogger.

Advantages of script.

  1. Mobile-Friendly
  2. Easy to load
  3. Free Download
  4. Easily shareable on whatsapp
  5. Super Fast loading Speed
  6. Name is also Shared
  • Here is the live preview.
  • First of all, just see the preview of the wishing script below.
  • I have shared the link of my blog below which had gone viral.

Download Independence Day Wishing Script below.

  • Just Follow my steps to install it on your blogger.
  1. Download this script through below link.
  2. Open it in any editor.(recommended:Sublime)
  3. Just replace your link at top meta tag and at the end.
  4. Now place your ads codes anywhere you want.
  5. Now your link is ready, now just you have to share it on whatsapp and other social websites.
  6. If its going to be viral then you will earn dollars everyday.
  • Now if you liked the script then download it through below link.

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